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S.V.S. 2015

S.V.S. 2015

  • An productie 2015
  • vin alb, sec
  • 13.0 % vol alcool
  • 2.0 g/l zaharuri
  • Editie limitata 2000 sticle
68.00 RON
In Stoc

S.V.S. is the barrel version of our Sauvignonasse.

This wine is made out of rigorously selected grapes from an old vineyard (>40 years) with a very low yield (<5 to/ha). After pressing the wine ferments in used wooden barrels (300 liters) without adding selected yeasts and ages then there for 14 months.

During this time we occasionally steer up the lees (Batonnage) to round and smoothen the wine. In comparison with our “normal” Sauvignonasse it appears fuller and creamier with a less striking, mineral character but a very earthy, spicy expression.

During the first 2-3 years it requires aeration to open up completely. Due to its solid and juicy acidity it matches excellent with all kind of seafood and veal- or poultry dishes with cream sauces.